Ah, the Forbidden Fruit

Pomelos were prevalent in local markets during the winter. And so, after seeing them in Chinatown groceries over the years, and hearing that they were something like a less-acidic grapefruit, I finally got around to picking up a couple. Looking much like an overgrown grapefruit, the pomelo is indeed like a milder version of that citrus. A little research on the fruit and its uses … Continue reading Ah, the Forbidden Fruit

Grenadine, Take Two

We admit it. Seeding and juicing pomegranates isn’t the most glamorous of kitchen tasks. (Although we were excited to discover the quick Whack-a-Mole method.) So in the service of great cocktails, Brother Dave has been searching for a good grenadine recipe that uses pomegranate juice instead of the fresh pomegranate version posted previously, and comes up with this super simple syrup  from the book Boozehound: … Continue reading Grenadine, Take Two

A Tax Day Toast

The mental exhaustion involved in getting my taxes filed just under the wire ( as usual) called for a proper cocktail. How better to commemorate the annual occasion than with an Income Tax? The recipe, from Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails, is  essentially a Bronx cocktail with the addition of Angostura bitters. Good for the occasion, but this New Yorker prefers her other borough drinks, … Continue reading A Tax Day Toast

Bring on the Pomegranates!

Staying with the cocktail theme, a futile search in his area for real grenadine syrup—as recommended for recipes in the excellent Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails—has prompted brother Dave to try making his own.  Turns out this is not such a difficult thing to do. Timely, too, since the pomegranates at the base of this mixer are abundant in markets right now. Here’s one Grenadine recipe, and a couple … Continue reading Bring on the Pomegranates!