Sweet Inspiration

I know, I know, povitica/potica has made a few appearances here at Three Points Kitchen. But the Eastern European nut bread is a family holiday tradition, especially as part of the Easter basket and subsequent dinner. But part of the fun of baking comes from where experimentation and exploration can take you. OK, sometimes innovation is a matter of necessity. Arriving in D.C. for Kate’s annual Easter feast, I … Continue reading Sweet Inspiration

Savory, My Sweet

A couple of years ago, looking up my grandparents Croatian villages on Google Maps (amazingly, yes, there were there!), I discovered that they were located so far north and west in that country as to be practically in Slovenia. Grandpa’s  town was a literal stone’s throw across the river separating the two countries. Which probably goes to explain my affinity for Kate’s former upstairs neighbors, … Continue reading Savory, My Sweet