Little Jewels

We were dubbed The Macaroon Gang by one of the husbands of our little group, incredulous as he was that his wife and her food-obsessed buddies would devote an entire day to tracking down macaroons on the Lower East Side. But by then we had our route plotted out, starting at the little shop that stocked barrels of fresh, moist, densely sweet coconut macaroons for Passover —  in plain, chocolate-dipped, chocolate chip, and chocolate … Continue reading Little Jewels

Eastover Offerings

A dinner companion the other evening recalled his childhood in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, where dishes for the Passover seder were prepared by the housekeeper. Like a scene out of The Help, she’d then turn around and make the family’s recipes, like  kugel, for her own church suppers, calling it Easter dressing. It was the perfect anecdote for a weekend with a mashup of the Jewish … Continue reading Eastover Offerings

Matzo in a Hurry

Well, of course that’s the whole point of matzo, the unleavened bread eaten during Passover. But we’ll be adding homemade matzo to the “So Simple and Tastes So Much Better than Store-bought, Why Didn’t We Think About Making It Before?” list. (Although some people would argue that beating the taste of commercially made matzo doesn’t take much.) Start to finish, this recipe for Olive Oil … Continue reading Matzo in a Hurry