The Road to Paradise is Paved with Grains

The ice cream experiments were continuing when I encountered a startlingly relevant passage in The Book of Salt. The novel, by Monique Truong, is told from the perspective of a Vietnamese cook hired by Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas for their Parisian household in the late 1920s. Evidently, it takes off from a real-life…

Bring on the Ice Cream

July being National Ice Cream Month, it seemed our patriotic duty this holiday weekend to keep the granita and ice cream experiments going. Next up, a honey-fig variety with toasted pistachios we’re calling The Little Figgy That Could Ice Cream. The main ingredient comes courtesy of the figs from the spunky little tree that grows…

Coming Up Short (Cakes)

My recent adventure with allspice-heavy pickled red onions has given me a new taste for the spicy berry. It is a natural with ginger and peaches, and a little unexpected in a summer dessert.

Three Cubed: Caribbean Creamsicle

Three Cubed Project The Book: The Sugar Mill Caribbean Cookbook: Casual and Elegant Recipes Inspired by the Islands (1996, Harvard Common Press) July being National Ice Cream Month, I was happy to find a recipe for Soursop Ice Cream on page 227 of this fun cookbook; also happy that the recipe suggested Tamarind Ice Cream…

Snowfall Windfall

When life gives you 30 inches of snow, make snow ice cream. Or snow taffy, a.k.a sugar on snow.