Best of Both Worlds

I figured traditional chicken-and-dumplings (and my guests) would not suffer one little bit from a healthy shot of wine. Continue reading Best of Both Worlds


1. . . 2. . . 3. . . Strukli

Sifting through the leftover magazines at my local coffee shop, I came across a copy of the esoteric food journal Gastronomica. When what to my wandering eyes did appear, but a story about the Croatian dish strukli, “The Best Dish in the World.” Really? I have a vague recollection of my mother making strukli when I was young, a bland sort of boiled dumpling filled with soft cheese. And … Continue reading 1. . . 2. . . 3. . . Strukli

Enter the Dragon

Funny how certain holiday traditions and foods crop up in different cultures, no matter how diverse. Witness the bowl of tangerines, symbolizing health and long life (especially with the leaves intact), that’s ubiquitous for the Chinese New Year, which starts today. My Eastern European family always kept the same bowl of tangerines on the table throughout the Christmas holiday, accompanied by a bowl of walnuts to … Continue reading Enter the Dragon

Hello Homemade Pierogi (Goodbye, Mrs. T’s)

I’ve been eating pierogi (pierogies?) since I was a little kid, but this project takes us a far cry from the freezer-burned grocery store packages of days gone by. And though you would need to be a speedier chef than I proved to be to crack out these tasty dumplings in the 60 minutes the recipe suggests, none of the steps are actually all that … Continue reading Hello Homemade Pierogi (Goodbye, Mrs. T’s)