Sugar and Spice

I do not believe for a second that cookies are a chore. On the contrary, they are a zen joy to me, all process-based chemistry with magic fulfillment at the end.

Three Cubed: Orange You Glad

I opted out of smearing butter all over the counter and skipped one of the egg washes. And the cookies were just fine. Orangey, but fine.

The One-Two Punch

I’m traveling a lot lately, which is probably how I got to reminiscing about all the globe-trotting adventures I used to have when I was younger and less gainfully employed. Greyhound carted me between cities scattered across the Northeast one memorable summer, and I took advantage of frequent layovers to spend time with friends who…

Lazy Sunday

(From top) Birthday treats for my pal Hal. Pastel Cream Wafers; Standing watch over Mike’s Sharpening Service truck; Spring lettuce harvest at community garden, plus good tips on home-made biters; Sunchokes and asparagus for roasting, ends trimmed for soup.

More Comfort and Joy

An old adage holds that how you celebrate New Year’s reflects how you’ll spend the ensuing year. If that’s true, 2011 will  be relaxed and full of wonderful meals prepared with the kind of friends who find utter bliss in a platter of 12-year-old cheddar. It will also be filled with experimentation, as we threw caution to the wind and…

Baby Wants a Cookie

  Celebrating the arrival of a new member to the Three Points family orbit (Welcome, Hudson Reese Regalado!) we offer this lovely recipe for delicate little Baby Button Cookies. Give them a try for whatever occasion you’re celebrating this weekend.