Sir Mix-a-Lot

The cocktail shaker gets a workout whenever Dave, the family mixologist, comes to town. Cocktail of the Day offerings this time around included a mix of classics with a twist and Dave’s own specialties, all gin-based: Waldocot: A true original, created to utilize Allspice Dram, a Caribbean liqueur that’s not an easy mixer. Dave hit on the idea of blending with apricot liqueur, which takes the Allspice Dram … Continue reading Sir Mix-a-Lot

We Saw Stars

Anticipating that  The Artist would take home top prizes at this year’s Academy Awards, the Three Points cooks also turned to Old Hollywood for inspiration this weekend. By that we mean two of the restaurants that are synonymous with Movieland’s Golden Years: The Brown Derby and Chasen’s. Together they hosted Hollywood elite and produced some classic recipes that proved even stars love their comfort foods, … Continue reading We Saw Stars

Grenadine, Take Two

We admit it. Seeding and juicing pomegranates isn’t the most glamorous of kitchen tasks. (Although we were excited to discover the quick Whack-a-Mole method.) So in the service of great cocktails, Brother Dave has been searching for a good grenadine recipe that uses pomegranate juice instead of the fresh pomegranate version posted previously, and comes up with this super simple syrup  from the book Boozehound: … Continue reading Grenadine, Take Two

Riding the Storm Out

A weekend in D.C. for my birthday was in the plans; a hurricane was not. With event after event cancelled, including Kate’s planned entry in the D.C. State Fair pie contest, and threatened by the potential wrath of Irene, there were only two things to do: put the gumbo pot on and mix up the hurricanes. It was all Southern and NOLA cooking for the … Continue reading Riding the Storm Out

A Tax Day Toast

The mental exhaustion involved in getting my taxes filed just under the wire ( as usual) called for a proper cocktail. How better to commemorate the annual occasion than with an Income Tax? The recipe, from Vintage Spirits and Forgotten Cocktails, is  essentially a Bronx cocktail with the addition of Angostura bitters. Good for the occasion, but this New Yorker prefers her other borough drinks, … Continue reading A Tax Day Toast

Elixir of Love

The cocktail genies over at Herbal Alchemy have been busy, coming up with a drink that epitomizes the spirit of Valentine’s Day. Presenting The Barry White, made with a jigger each of anise-flavored vodka and créme de cacao, shaken with a half ounce pomegranate juice and a touch of blood orange. It hits the spot  by bringing together notes of chocolate and pomegranate, touted for … Continue reading Elixir of Love