Let It Snow

Serendipity can change a nasty wintery day—in OCTOBER, no less!—into an incredibly civilized and warm afternoon, one for the memory books for its sheer comfort and camaraderie. So much so that I could almost forget the bad omen of snow in DC in early fall: I am still mourning summer and have yet to accept…

Fresh Im-Pear-Ative

If I had any sense, I’d make pear butter and call it a day.

A Cake to Bake

In embarrassing Libra fashion, I must have changed my mind w/r/t the type of cake I wanted to make for the now annual Libra birthday party at least five times. Last year’s entry was a hit, so I was feeling the follow-up pressure, it’s true. But more than that, there’s also finally a full-on fall…

The One-Two Punch

I’m traveling a lot lately, which is probably how I got to reminiscing about all the globe-trotting adventures I used to have when I was younger and less gainfully employed. Greyhound carted me between cities scattered across the Northeast one memorable summer, and I took advantage of frequent layovers to spend time with friends who…

Almond Joy

Frangipane is a luscious foil for the last, best gasp of the summer harvest, quick enough for a steamy August day and decadent (and impressive) enough to transition through the bittersweet (at least for me) season of fall.

Starting with the Gourmet recipe for an apricot fangipa

Three Cubed: Move Over, Cream Puff

Indianers definitely fall into the “little balls of happiness” category of food (like Julia Child’s wine-braised pearl onions or, in general, gougères).

Great Cake—Honest, Abe

Honestly, I don’t know how it happens, but wherever I go, I inevitably end up in conversation about food with a chef, baker or artisan food maker. How else to explain a cake recipe discussion at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C.? Browsing in the gift shop after the museum tour (also always on the lookout…

Tart Me Up

… with a little too much time and butter on my hands, the single tart became three as Saturday stretched into a test-kitchen moment for crusts and fillings.

Bless This House

Bread, that this house may never know hunger. Salt, that life may always have flavor. And wine, that joy and prosperity may reign forever. I’m not sure how the tradition of bringing bread, salt, and wine as a housewarming gift got started among my highly transient cohort (I guess, like most people, we heard it…

Gotta Bring a Babka

Why Elaine and Jerry stood in line at a New York bakery, waiting for a chocolate babka, is beyond me.