Three Cubed: Orange You Glad

I opted out of smearing butter all over the counter and skipped one of the egg washes. And the cookies were just fine. Orangey, but fine.

Almond Joy

Frangipane is a luscious foil for the last, best gasp of the summer harvest, quick enough for a steamy August day and decadent (and impressive) enough to transition through the bittersweet (at least for me) season of fall.

Three Cubed: Move Over, Cream Puff

Indianers definitely fall into the “little balls of happiness” category of food (like Julia Child’s wine-braised pearl onions or, in general, gougères).

Great Cake—Honest, Abe

Honestly, I don’t know how it happens, but wherever I go, I inevitably end up in conversation about food with a chef, baker or artisan food maker. How else to explain a cake recipe discussion at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C.? Browsing in the gift shop after the museum tour (also always on the lookout…

Gotta Bring a Babka

Why Elaine and Jerry stood in line at a New York bakery, waiting for a chocolate babka, is beyond me.

Three Cubed: Cheers to the Royal Wedding

Three Cubed Project The Book: Great British Cooking: A Well-Kept Secret (1989, hardcover edition) Not being an enthusiast of fairytale wedding scenarios, I swore up and down that I would pay no attention whatsoever to the impending marriage of Wills and Kate.  But alas, I find myself drawn into the hoopla. Perhaps it’s inevitable for…

In My Easter Basket(s)

I always had two Easter baskets as a kid. One was child-sized, filled with plastic grass, a few colored eggs, a Russell Stover chocolate bunny and some jelly beans.  It was mine alone. The other, a more serious large, woven affair, was the family basket, the real Easter basket. My mother handled that one as…

First Feast: The Recipe Recap

To herald spring, the Three Points cooks gathered in Kate’s D.C. kitchen  for our first joint supper club feast.  The menu was inspired by Nowruz, the Persian New Year celebration that takes place on the Spring Equinox, March 20 this year. Guests were greeted with a glass of Molly’s home-brewed mead, candles were lit, and…

Sweet Parsnip-ity

It’s always fun serving desserts that sneak in an unexpected vegetable. Not because of the nutritional value, but more because it’s a kick to share the news that the Red Devil Cake gets its rosy color not from food coloring but from—beets. A little perverse, perhaps, but nothing that generations of moms haven’t done. So on to…