Darling Clementine

In the U.K., clementines and tangerines are very much part of Christmas, and the combination of sweet oranges and almonds are a good gluten-free alternative to Christmas Cake.

Cooking with Gas

Hallelujah! My oven works! My first foray into baking with my new (to me) gas oven was a tasty melange of almond flour, whole wheat flour, corn meal, apples and the requisite pound of butter. Yum. Simple, crispy on top, oddly light given its contents, and very moist, this single-layer cake improved with age as…

Don’t Butter Me Up

When I announced to my guests that the dessert would be butter-free, they thought I was kidding.

Almond Joy

Frangipane is a luscious foil for the last, best gasp of the summer harvest, quick enough for a steamy August day and decadent (and impressive) enough to transition through the bittersweet (at least for me) season of fall.