Plantain and Black Bean Empanadas

Ripe plantains form the dough for these easy to prep empanadas.

4 very ripe (fully black) plantains
1 cup refried black beans
Salt to taste
Vegetable oil spray

One day before making the empanadas, boil the plantains, in their skins, until the skins begin to crack and the meat is soft, about half an hour. Allow to cool; cover and refrigerate.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. To make the empanadas, peel and mash the cooled plantains in a food processor, fully breaking down the fruit, to form the dough. Roll into 8-10 balls slightly bigger than a walnut. With a tortilla press or rolling pin (and the dough sandwiched between a folded sheet of plastic wrap), form flat circles of dough about 1/4-inch thick. On one half of the dough, drop about a tablespoon full of refried beans. Using the plastic wrap, fold the dough to cover the beans and crimp sides to seal.

Place formed empanadas on a greased cookie sheet. Spritz with a little vegetable spray and bake until the tops begin to brown and the filling is hot, about 17-20 minutes. Serve hot with a salsa of your choice.

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