Lois’ Mother’s Matzo Balls

Opinions vary as to whether matzo balls should be light and fluffy, or more dense and toothsome. These knaidlach (matzoh balls) are of the fluffy variety, with whipped egg whites folded in to lighten the batter. Try varying the usual parsley with other fresh herbs, like dill or cilantro. 

3 eggs, separated
¾ cup matzo meal
½ teaspoon salt
Chopped parsley

Beat egg whites until stiff. in separate bowl, beat egg yolks and salt until thick. Fold in egg whites and gradually fold in matzo meal and parsley. Chill 1 hour. Moisten hands. Shape mixture in ½-inch balls. Cook in boiling salted water, about 20 minutes.

Add one or two matzo balls to a serving of homemade chicken soup for the full Jewish mother experience.

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