Harvest is in

More or less. The grapevines that grow with abandon in my Brooklyn backyard, climbing up the entire height of the three-story brownstone, have yielded their harvest for the year. It’s a rather pitiful crop in comparison to past seasons, given the extreme weather we’ve been having. But it’s still fascinating how the vines, a remnant of the neighborhood’s Italian heritage, can grow wild and produce … Continue reading Harvest is in

Tropical weather brings tropical fruit

A bushel of guava appeared at the local gourmet store down the street Saturday, and was gone by the time I returned Sunday, after checking on how to judge if guava is ripe. Some kind of tropical fruit trend in full swing? Kate has cornered the market in lucuma (a Chilean/Peruvian fruit with creamy flesh that tastes of caramel and cashew) and guanaba at her … Continue reading Tropical weather brings tropical fruit