Upside-Down Sides

Everyone’s always on the lookout for holiday side dishes with a twist. Quite by accident, this year’s Thanksgiving table included sides that turned assumptions about certain ingredients upside down, offering savory  bites where sweet was expected, sweet where savory is  usually a given. It began with the cranberry sauce. Cranberry Salsa —“What is this? I’ve never had anything like it,” asked one dinner guest. This … Continue reading Upside-Down Sides

Pie in the Sky

Thanks, indeed for a beautiful, crisp and clear fall day for the first Thanksgiving at Kate’s first home. This year’s gathering of international and food-obsessed guests was reflected in the menu that blended traditional elements with the tastes of Mexico and the British Isles. Here’s the menu:   Squash on Toast.  Amelia took this a step higher by making her own baguettes. Crab and Artichoke Dip … Continue reading Pie in the Sky

Big Yellow Taxi Took Away All My Hunger

I once had a colleague who, on a late-summer day, announced he was having a tomato for lunch. Not a tomato salad, or tomato soup, or a tomato on a sandwich, but simply a tomato, sliced on a plate and eaten with the loving care that a perfect summer beauty deserved. He wasn’t a particular food fanatic or an obsessive-compulsive of any sort. Rather, he … Continue reading Big Yellow Taxi Took Away All My Hunger

Cake and Crema

You’ve probably seen those jars in the dairy aisle, next to the sour cream or cream cheese. Something called crema — from Mexico, or Salvador, or Guatemala, or even L.A.  And you’ve likely wondered what it was, or how exactly it was different from the nearby cream and/or sour cream. Well, stop wondering and pick up a jar. Crema is a wonderful addition to the repertoire, … Continue reading Cake and Crema

Living on Cayman Time

Three-Cubed Project The Book: The Governor’s Lady,  by Joan Hall Scott My colleague Katie handed over the cookbook with an apology: “Sorry, some of the pages are stained.” No need to apologize for that, I assured her. Cookbooks with stained pages are evidence of frequent, loving use. The cookbook in question does indeed come with love. The Governor’s Lady: Entertainment & Recipes at Government House, The Cayman Islands, … Continue reading Living on Cayman Time

Eastover Offerings

A dinner companion the other evening recalled his childhood in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, where dishes for the Passover seder were prepared by the housekeeper. Like a scene out of The Help, she’d then turn around and make the family’s recipes, like  kugel, for her own church suppers, calling it Easter dressing. It was the perfect anecdote for a weekend with a mashup of the Jewish … Continue reading Eastover Offerings

Beyond Pumpkin Pie

This year’s Thanksgiving feast chez Kate focused on new combinations of  traditional ingredients. Case in point: to liven up the pumpkin portion of the meal, Kate served up fresh-baked Slow-Rising Pumpkin-Thyme Dinner Rolls. Warm from the oven, they were a lovely way to start the dinner, spread with some Cheddar-Cava Spread and a glass of sparkling Chevalier Cremant de Bourgogne. Alongside the Roasted Turkey. Mashed … Continue reading Beyond Pumpkin Pie