Three Cubed: Cuba Calling

Basically the capricho is a strata. But the tiers of bread, covered with guava jam and custard, only makes a brief trip through the oven–to brown the meringue on top. The result is layers of stuff that do not meld, remaining in their constituent parts. And bread soaked in custard, no matter how good the custard, is still bread.

Three Cubed: Don’t Try This at Home

I’m going to stop here, unwilling to further ponder the waste of butter, flour, sour cream, electricity and the dwindling minutes of my youth required to finish this project.

Three Cubed: Living on Cayman Time

Three Cubed Project The Book: The Governor’s Lady,  by Joan Hall Scott My colleague Katie handed over the cookbook with an apology: “Sorry, some of the pages are stained.” No need to apologize for that, I assured her. Cookbooks with stained pages are evidence of frequent, loving use. The cookbook in question does indeed come with love. The…

Three Cubed: Summer Blonde

Underbake them slighty and you will end up with blondies that tend toward a caramel center. Delicious with beer, they’d probably be better with milk.

Three Cubed: Banana Salad

Three Cubed Project The Book: Harper’s Cook Book Encyclopedia (1902) Opening Harper’s Cook Book Encyclopedia proved more than serendipitous. The volume is an exhaustive compendium of turn-of-the-20th-century recipes and preparations, but a previous owner had also used her trusted book to file away newspaper clippings for spring fashions, household hints, and some favorite “Why Mothers Get Grey”…

Three Cubed: Orange You Glad

I opted out of smearing butter all over the counter and skipped one of the egg washes. And the cookies were just fine. Orangey, but fine.

Three Cubed: Swinging ’70s 7Up Cake

Three Cubed Project The Book: Cooking with Love and Butter (Home Interiors and Gifts, Inc.)   Remember Tupperware parties? And the food that accompanied them? Cooking with Love and Butter conjured up memories. Published by Home Interiors and Gifts sometimes during that period (there’s no copyright date), it’s a compilation of recipes from company hostesses who…

Three Cubed: Hog Days of Summer

Spicy, tangy, complex and a tiny bit sweet, cochinita pibil (literally, “pit-roasted little pig”) starts out as a humble pork butt and finishes as nirvana on a tortilla.

Three Cubed: Caribbean Creamsicle

Three Cubed Project The Book: The Sugar Mill Caribbean Cookbook: Casual and Elegant Recipes Inspired by the Islands (1996, Harvard Common Press) July being National Ice Cream Month, I was happy to find a recipe for Soursop Ice Cream on page 227 of this fun cookbook; also happy that the recipe suggested Tamarind Ice Cream…