Upside-Down Sides

Everyone’s always on the lookout for holiday side dishes with a twist. Quite by accident, this year’s Thanksgiving table included sides that turned assumptions about certain ingredients upside down, offering savory  bites where sweet was expected, sweet where savory is  usually a given. It began with the cranberry sauce. Cranberry Salsa —“What is this? I’ve never had anything like it,” asked one dinner guest. This … Continue reading Upside-Down Sides

Pie in the Sky

Thanks, indeed for a beautiful, crisp and clear fall day for the first Thanksgiving at Kate’s first home. This year’s gathering of international and food-obsessed guests was reflected in the menu that blended traditional elements with the tastes of Mexico and the British Isles. Here’s the menu:   Squash on Toast.  Amelia took this a step higher by making her own baguettes. Crab and Artichoke Dip … Continue reading Pie in the Sky

Gang Activity

Easter was a group effort this year in DC, with friends gathering at the communal table and sharing their best celebratory dishes to serve with a cognac-marinated leg of lamb. We were too hungry to get a lot of photos… but can absolutely testify to the tastiness of everything. The menu: Slow-Roasted Leg of Lamb. Marinated in cognac, garlic, marjoram, thyme and onions, the main course was an … Continue reading Gang Activity

Eastover Offerings

A dinner companion the other evening recalled his childhood in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, where dishes for the Passover seder were prepared by the housekeeper. Like a scene out of The Help, she’d then turn around and make the family’s recipes, like  kugel, for her own church suppers, calling it Easter dressing. It was the perfect anecdote for a weekend with a mashup of the Jewish … Continue reading Eastover Offerings

We Saw Stars

Anticipating that  The Artist would take home top prizes at this year’s Academy Awards, the Three Points cooks also turned to Old Hollywood for inspiration this weekend. By that we mean two of the restaurants that are synonymous with Movieland’s Golden Years: The Brown Derby and Chasen’s. Together they hosted Hollywood elite and produced some classic recipes that proved even stars love their comfort foods, … Continue reading We Saw Stars

Three Cubed: Banana Salad

Three Cubed Project The Book: Harper’s Cook Book Encyclopedia (1902) Opening Harper’s Cook Book Encyclopedia proved more than serendipitous. The volume is an exhaustive compendium of turn-of-the-20th-century recipes and preparations, but a previous owner had also used her trusted book to file away newspaper clippings for spring fashions, household hints, and some favorite “Why Mothers Get Grey” cartoons. This, from “Caroline Coe’s Hints on Spring Housecleaning,” Omaha … Continue reading Three Cubed: Banana Salad


Almost Heaven

. . . West Virginia/Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River” A chorus of John Denver’s Take Me Home, Country Roads set us off on the latest Three Points road trip. Destination: Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, for a weekend pig roast hosted by recent guest blogger Michael Turner and wife Marybeth at their family retreat, an 1860s farmhouse and one-time inn. Alas, Kate and I arrived a tad late … Continue reading Almost Heaven