There’s nothing like the end of the world to get your hunger juices going.

Springing Into the Season

To introduce ourselves to Baltimore, Three Points Kitchen threw its second real-world, y’all-come-on-over event this past Sunday. Friends from far and near were kind enough to stop by and sample our kitchen’s offerings. It was a Mad Hatter Tea Party of sorts, celebrating the arrival of the fresh produce of the season–bright pea and mint…

Easter, and Not a Chocolate in Sight

Good friends, inspired food and a sunny, 80-degree Washington combined for a glorious outdoor Easter potluck. On the menu: balsamic-braised mushrooms with goat cheese, Greek salad, Moroccan-inspired leg of lamb, apricot carrots, poireaux ménagère (a genius potato, leek and onion dish from the late Lutèce), asparagus tart, Slovenian potica and passion fruit-raspberry tart with whipped…

Pineapple Express

The Bahamian pineapple tart is tasty and tropical and very humble. I remember thinking it could be much more.

Not Tarts

Boy, do I kick myself for not seeing this one coming: homemade toaster pastries. They are popping up now in DC diners—one more kitschy food to tempt Baby Boomers nostalgic for childhood and the hipsters who never left it. I doubt they will displace the ubiquitous (and largely mediocre) cupcakes that are spreading through town…