Carolina on My Mind

When our friend Angela entertains guests on her home turf—the beautiful and vibrant Charleston, South Carolina—she channels centuries of Southern hostesses and does hospitality proud. Perchance, on steroids.

Burger and Tonic

Sometimes you just need a burger. Might as well make it a good one. Here’s a simple way to kick up the average burger, using that Mother of All Hot Sauces, Sriracha.

Three Cubed: Living on Cayman Time

Three Cubed Project The Book: The Governor’s Lady,  by Joan Hall Scott My colleague Katie handed over the cookbook with an apology: “Sorry, some of the pages are stained.” No need to apologize for that, I assured her. Cookbooks with stained pages are evidence of frequent, loving use. The cookbook in question does indeed come with love. The…

Gang Activity

Easter was a group effort this year in D.C., with friends gathering at the communal table and sharing their best celebratory dishes to serve with a cognac-marinated leg of lamb. We were too hungry to get a lot of photos . . . but can absolutely testify to the tastiness of everything. The menu: Slow-Roasted…

Eastover Offerings

A dinner companion the other evening recalled his childhood in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, where dishes for the Passover seder were prepared by the housekeeper. Like a scene out of The Help, she’d then turn around and make the family’s recipes, like  kugel, for her own church suppers, calling it Easter dressing. It was the perfect…

We Saw Stars

Anticipating this year’s Academy Awards, the Three Points cooks turned to Old Hollywood for inspiration this weekend. By that we mean two of the restaurants that are synonymous with Movieland’s Golden Years: The Brown Derby and Chasen’s. Together they hosted Hollywood elite and produced some classic recipes that proved even stars love their comfort foods,…

Best of Both Worlds

I figured traditional chicken-and-dumplings (and my guests) would not suffer one little bit from a healthy shot of wine.

1. . . 2. . . 3. . . Strukli

Sifting through the leftover magazines at my local coffee shop, I came across a copy of the esoteric food journal Gastronomica. When what to my wandering eyes did appear, but a story about the Croatian dish strukli, “The Best Dish in the World.” Really? I have a vague recollection of my mother making strukli when I was young, a…

Enter the Dragon

Funny how certain holiday traditions and foods crop up in different cultures, no matter how diverse. Witness the bowl of tangerines, symbolizing health and long life (especially with the leaves intact), that’s ubiquitous for the Chinese New Year, which starts today. My Eastern European family always kept the same bowl of tangerines on the table throughout…

Carb Loading

The Sicilians are not about to be bothered with extraneous ingredients and needless steps between them and perfection.