Spice Island

Fresh from a rare side sojourn to Zanzibar—pinch me, Zanzibar!—after a work trip to Tanzania, I can still almost feel the hot East African sun on my face and taste the delectable Swahili delicacies that I could not try fast enough when I was there. Oh, but for more hours in the day—or for the…

The Little Fig Tree That Could

  This Midwestern-born girl picked her share of backyard produce growing up, but nothing compares to the bounty I’ve had the luxury of sampling in my Brooklyn neighborhood. I’ve hardly had to stroll past the doorway to do so.  First it was the grape vines that climbed, untended, up the entire back of our brownstone,…

Parm Squad to the Rescue

I am a member of the Special Parm Squad. Just saying that out loud makes me feel like I’ve taken on superpowers, or become a member of some super-elite security detail. In reality, it means that I’ve been assigned by my local food coop (where all members share in running the joint) to the team…

Mulberry Street

I started a trend. After noticing that the mulberry tree on the corner a couple of blocks away was heavy with fruit, I returned with a container. In the short time spent plucking berries from branches hanging low over the owner’s wrought-iron fence and across  the sidewalk, a parade of passersby stopped, gawked, and even…

Any Grieven Day

After some additional research, I discovered that grieven can actually replace bacon on a BLT, or it can be used as an alternative to bacon bits on a salad. The thing is, grieven never lasts long enough to try.

We, the Cheesemakers

No one expects to become an expert cheesemaker in three days, but Kate and I got a good feel for the basics during our stay in Ohio. We started at the source, taking our turns milking the genial Miss Ola, who only slightly balked at the hands of neophyte cityslickers before being handed back to…

Farm to Table, the Road Trip

A call from Kate’s sister for recipes that use lots of milk, needed for the copious output from her Jersey cows, leads to an invitation to come learn about cheese making. So we hit the road for Ohio and sister Kim’s mini-farmstead in Vandalia, outside of Dayton, where happy cows are milked to classical music,…

Three Cubed: The Gypsy’s Arm

I am no food historian, but I would wager that Brazo de Gitano de Patata (Potato Gypsy’s Arm) is a direct descendant of Peru’s ubiquitous, satisfying and incredibly versatile Causa Limeña.

Pineapple Express

The Bahamian pineapple tart is tasty and tropical and very humble. I remember thinking it could be much more.

Cuckoo for Coco Bread

Honduran pan de coco is a staple on the Bay Islands… the brainchild of the Garífuna people who inhabit the area. It is bread, not pound cake, with flour and yeast transformed by unsweetened shredded coconut and/or coconut milk.