Morning Glory

One can rationalize from here until next Sunday brunch, but there is no denying that coffee cake is a not-so-sly excuse to have one’s dessert and breakfast too.

Sweet Tart

In this coffee cake, cranberries get to shine, their tart bite balanced by the crunchy streusel atop an almond-scented, moist butter cake.

Seeing Red

Top of my list this time of the year will always be the tarte tatin—a simple, beautiful, French upside-down cake that traditionally showcases apples and is equally comfortable on the brunch or dinner table.

Carolina on My Mind

When our friend Angela entertains guests on her home turf—the beautiful and vibrant Charleston, South Carolina—she channels centuries of Southern hostesses and does hospitality proud. Perchance, on steroids.

Three Cubed: Don’t Try This at Home

I’m going to stop here, unwilling to further ponder the waste of butter, flour, sour cream, electricity and the dwindling minutes of my youth required to finish this project.

Turkish Delight

I made every attempt to eat my weight in pastries on a recent trip to Istanbul. Sadly, I did not get to try everything. But I left with a new, minor obsession for a tiny breakfast bread served at my hotel—three bites of soft dough rolled with a sweet tahini filling and covered with finely…

Going with the Grain

The subject is grains. Breakfast grains. An appraisal of orders at various brunch places around town reveals that New York harbors a number of secret oatmeal fans. Count me among them, but eyeing the bins of unusual cereals and grains at my local coop, it’s was time to finally start experimenting with how to use…

Cooking with Gas

Hallelujah! My oven works! My first foray into baking with my new (to me) gas oven was a tasty melange of almond flour, whole wheat flour, corn meal, apples and the requisite pound of butter. Yum. Simple, crispy on top, oddly light given its contents, and very moist, this single-layer cake improved with age as…

Riding the Storm Out

A weekend in D.C. for my birthday was in the plans; a hurricane was not. With event after event cancelled, including Kate’s planned entry in the D.C. State Fair pie contest, and threatened by the potential wrath of Irene, there were only two things to do: put the gumbo pot on and mix up the…

Roll with the Changes

My family makes cinnamon rolls like others make sandwiches. A couple dozen are the go-to breakfast treat for family gatherings, a standard request at church bake sales and a traditional offering for friends with a new baby or home.  We use no set recipe. I prefer a milk- or sour cream-based dough, which comes out buttery…