Risotto Mio

I must be suffering a rice deficiency because all I seem to crave these frigid winter days is risotto.

Darling Clementine

In the U.K., clementines and tangerines are very much part of Christmas, and the combination of sweet oranges and almonds are a good gluten-free alternative to Christmas Cake.

Sugar and Spice

I do not believe for a second that cookies are a chore. On the contrary, they are a zen joy to me, all process-based chemistry with magic fulfillment at the end.

End of an Era

It’s not the end of the world. But the Mayan calendar winding down on one cycle and hearalding a new age is as good an excuse as any to celebrate the glorious food of the Yucatan

Pie in the Sky

Thanks, indeed for a beautiful, crisp and clear fall day for the first Thanksgiving at Kate’s first home. This year’s gathering of international and food-obsessed guests was reflected in the menu that blended traditional elements with the tastes of Mexico and the British Isles. Here’s the menu:   Squash on Toast.  Amelia took this a step…

A Taste of Things to Come

Thanksgiving preparations are well under way. The scent of Mocha-Pecan Pies and Cointreau-Apple Tart fill the kitchen. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Sweet Tart

In this coffee cake, cranberries get to shine, their tart bite balanced by the crunchy streusel atop an almond-scented, moist butter cake.

Bangkok Blend

Chiles en vinagre (chilies in vinager) fairly easy to make and can be reproduced anywhere in the world—as long as you can find green chilies.

Bring Out Yer Bread

Like so many Mexican festivals, the Day of the Dead cannot be celebrated without food. It inspires fanciful and abundant baking, specifically of pan de muerto, a slightly sweet, decorated yeast bread enriched with butter, milk and eggs.

Picking up the Pieces

I don’t get last-minute panic about packing or passports or plane tickets before I travel. I worry more about what might go to waste in the refrigerator while I’m gone–and whether I will have anything to eat when I get back.