The Three Points Kitchen*

We’re great friends who’ve always loved spending time together in the kitchen. Trouble is, we’ve ended up in different locations: Rebecca in New York City, Kate in Washington, D.C., and others around the world. We can’t exactly pop next door anymore to borrow a cup of sugar or share the KitchenAid, but we continue to nurture each other’s culinary ambitions and share discoveries. Join us as we continue to explore in our kitchens on all points of the map. Three Points Kitchen photos have been featured on FoodGawker, Tastespotting, Tasteologie, Slashfood and the Los Angeles Times print and online editions.

* A three-point kitchen is one that’s designed with efficient placement of stove, sink and refrigerator in a triangle, for ease of movement and prep.

IMG_4006 (2) Rebecca Winzenried always said she was going to grow up to be a gastronomy major. She’s currently practicing, without a degree, in the galley kitchen of her Brooklyn brownstone.
Kate Conradt improvises with ingredients found on her world travels and in her explorations of Washington, D.C.’s varied international influences, often attempting to reprise street food based on little more than a fond memory. She creates in a sunny galley kitchen in the vibrant and diverse Petworth neighborhood.