Chasen’s Chili and Champagne

DSC05014Chasen’s Chili.  Once upon a time, Hollywood stars served it at Oscar parties and soirées. Legend has it that Elizabeth Taylor loved this chili so much she had orders of it flown to Rome while she was filming Cleopatra (and conducting a torrid affair with co-star Richard Burton). The list of ingredients is pretty simple in comparison to today’s more complex recipes, but something about the combination produces one damn, fine chili. (We suspect that browning the beef and pork in butter before adding to the pot has something to do with the crazy tender, succulent results. Don’t skip this step if your diet can take it.)

May we suggest doing as the stars used to do: pair it with a sparkling Cava, or go the full-on Champagne route, for celebrating Grammys, Super Bowl, Oscars, or just a chilly winter weekend.


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