Mulberry Street

An update: Walking home from the subway this evening, I caught sight of a father and daughter at the mulberry tree, with dad in his suit jumping up to reach the ripest fruit on the higher branches, and daughter waiting to grab the bounty. I had to wonder if it was the same pair I encountered a year ago. But at any rate, I grabbed a couple of the darkest berries, which have gotten to their point of sweetness as the crop has peaked and thought it worth reprising this former trip to Mulberry Street.

Three Points Kitchen

I started a trend. After noticing that the mulberry tree on the corner a couple of blocks away was heavy with fruit, I returned with a container. In the short time spent plucking berries from branches hanging low over the owner’s wrought-iron fence and across  the sidewalk, a parade of passersby stopped, gawked, and even joined in. Some were horrified at the very thought of plucking berries from a street corner in Brooklyn: “Mom, what’s that lady doing?” Others had never even noticed the fruit tree growing in their midst: “What’s that, a blueberry tree?”

Then there was the father who launched into a story for his young daughter, about a mulberry tree in the backyard of his childhood brownstone. “Know what I used to do? I’d put a blanket down on the grass and just shake the branches so they’d fall down, and pretty soon I had a whole…

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  1. esoterica4 says:

    Just got an email with Volt’s new patio menu that included “chioggia beets, mulberries, greek yogurt, dark chocolate”. People will be fighting over them by next year.

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