Sweet Child of Mine

Oh, what fun this will be, celebrating Julia Child’s 100th birthday (August 15)! The legions who loved her (and love her still) are prepping, starting with a wonderful French Chef/Guns N’ Roses mashup from WGBH (the Boston station that started it all by deciding that a 6’2″, middle-aged woman with a funny voice and no television experience should host her own cooking show), then turning to the PBS Julia site for recipes and inspirations. We’ll be digging into the cookbooks for a Julia-worthy recipe for the Epicurious Bake Julia a Birthday Cake contest, and keeping an eye out for more events. There may even be another pilgrimage to Julia’s home kitchen, now ensconced at the Smithsonian in D.C.  (Take the virtual tour here.)

As the PBS Cook for Julia invitation notes:  “By choosing a recipe, using fresh ingredients and enjoying your creation (even if it doesn’t come out perfectly), you are helping us honor the legacy of the chef who inspired a nation to be brave in the kitchen.”

We think the Julia would clap her hands and chortle in delight at every delicious moment of the world-wide sharing the Cook for Julia movement is encouraging. Bon appetit!

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