Don’t Butter Me Up

When I announced to my guests that the dessert would be butter-free, they thought I was kidding. Then they tasted the almond cake and were certain I was lying.

I was not. The little Spanish gem that capped Sunday dinner was moist and decadent from olive oil and a splash of whole milk. (My adaptation, sans rum syrup, is here.) One simple layer, rich with ground almonds, perked up with cinnamon and glossed in a veneer of ganache (no butter there, either, just cream and bittersweet chocolate) elicited happy sounds from the skeptical crowd.

I have an appreciation for olive oil and nut cakes, but this one (from The New Spanish Table) is my new favorite. In fact, it is right near the top of the list for my favorite cake of any kind. Thankfully, there are leftovers.


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