Savory, My Sweet

A couple of years ago, looking up my grandparents Croatian villages on Google Maps (amazingly, yes, there were there!), I discovered that they were located so far north and west in that country as to be practically in Slovenia. Grandpa’s  town was a literal stone’s throw across the river separating the two countries.

Which probably goes to explain my affinity for Kate’s former upstairs neighbors, the charming Bojan and Mateja Kavaš, Slovenian nationals who have been stationed in in D.C. at their embassy; we’re practically kissin’ cousins. And Mateja has shared her family’s own wonderful recipes, like potica, that are virtual twins of those handed down in my family (where it’s known as povitica).

But Mateja’s city sophistication always shows in her culinary daring and unusual variations. Like the Prekmurska Gibanica she brought to last year’s Thanksgiving dinner, a marvel of layers alternating strudel pastry with nuts, apples, poppy seeds and cheese.

This year, her contribution of a potica filled with mascarpone and tarragon graced the Thanksgiving table and it was a revelation. I’ve had lots of cheese potica/povitica made with a sweetened cream cheese filling, but employing mascarpone takes it to another level altogether, while fresh tarragon is a clean, light touch that never would have occurred. It  lightens up the sometimes heavy bread, and takes it away from being strictly a dessert item.

Here’s the  step by step, courtesy of Mateja. Photos by Bojan.

The secret ingredient
Fresh tarragon tops the cheese filling.
Wrapped and rolled, using a tablecloth to shape.
Airy oval gives the bread room to rise.
Bake until golden, with a gloss of beaten egg.

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  1. Blair K. says:

    Wonderful post and gorgeous photos! I tasted tarragon potica for the first time last year, at a fancy Slovenian wine dinner at a restaurant here in California. Definitely an unusual taste, even for someone like me, with Slovenian roots. That mascarpone sounds like a good addition, perhaps makes for a less runny filling. Now I’m inspired to give it a try. Thanks!

    1. Rebecca says:

      Glad to see your site as well. Will be returning there for recipes.

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