Don’t Lie To Me

I admit that I’m a little freaked that this, in the end, is a Chipotle commercial. My cynical default position is that all ads are lies, but I would like this to be a true example of corporate response to consumer desire.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Lie To Me

  1. This may or may not make you feel better. McDonald’s held a majority stake in Chipotle for a time, basically during the period when the company started expanding across the country, but divested itself of any interest in 2006. One could say that Chipotle took its distribution model from Mickey D’s. On the other hand, this video might be a statement on that whole experience.

    1. Interesting! I knew McD’s was in, but I didn’t know they were out again. I think this is kinda encouraging then–talk the talk at least.

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