Easter, and Not a Chocolate in Sight

Good friends, inspired food and a sunny, 80-degree Washington combined for a glorious outdoor Easter potluck. On the menu: balsamic-braised mushrooms with goat cheese, Greek salad, Moroccan-inspired leg of lamb, apricot carrots, poireaux ménagère (a genius potato, leek and onion dish from the late Lutèce), asparagus tart, Slovenian potica and passion fruit-raspberry tart with whipped cream. Oh, and wines from Algeria, New Zealand, Spain, France and Chile. A holiday of multiple delights–the company not the least of them.

NEWS: Three photos from this feast were accepted by the Los Angeles Times food page, on the Weekend Eats section at: http://lat.ms/f9zBhT and in the “Sugar Rush” Section at: http://lat.ms/hdTk1R.


  1. Rebecca says:

    Can we get the Lutece tart recipe?

  2. Kate says:

    Sure — it is not a tart, though. It’s a creamy potato dish that is halfway between soup and smashed potatoes. So yummy!

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