Matzo in a Hurry

Well, of course that’s the whole point of matzo, the unleavened bread eaten during Passover. But we’ll be adding homemade matzo to the “So Simple and Tastes So Much Better than Store-bought, Why Didn’t We Think About Making It Before?” list. (Although some people would argue that beating the taste of commercially made matzo doesn’t take much.) Start to finish, this recipe for Olive Oil Matzo came together in 45 minutes, with just one person in the kitchen, and with nothing more than flour, olive oil, water and a little salt.

Even for those of us who aren’t Jewish, it’s an easy flatbread to try. In a few minutes you can pull together something warm to go with hummus or other spreads. And it would be a great project for the kids. With a quick dough recipe, rolled flat and baked for a few minutes at high temperature, it’s not unlike homemade pizza night. And yes, the kids could add pizza toppings. You already have the ingredients on hand, so crank up the oven and give it a try. The recipe calls for blending in a food processor, but mixing by hand in a bowl worked fine. Do be sure to roll the dough out so thin that you can see through it, and keep an eye on it during baking.

Matzos dont have to be perfectly round
Roll the dough so thin you can see through it
Hot out of the oven, sprinkled with sea salt

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  1. I will share this with my jewish friends… much better than storebought!

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