The Red and the Black

Brownies go with everything, but when it’s a special occasion—like when my tribe is tailgating before a DC United match—I open the spice rack, break out the Penzey’s cocoa and make Cherry-Chipotle Brownies.

My riff on a LA Times recipe includes all of the standard brownie ingredients (butter, flour, sugar, salt, eggs and cocoa), but I ramp up the cinnamon and include a healthy shot of ground chipotle pepper (instead of cayenne). A healthy swirl of dried cherries is the magic finish.

Made in a smaller pan than originally called for, this results in a thick, chewy brownie with a sneaky, smoky spice that takes a moment to register on the taste buds—but keeps folks coming back for more. Indeed, they are known among the crew as “crack brownies” and have become and requisite fare when the Red and the Black play. (And the one I managed to get home was mighty nice with a little leftover sour cherry-shiraz ice cream!)

NB: Beautiful win on Saturday, DCU!


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