Whip It Good

With all the fresh bread hanging around my kitchen these days, my mind often strays to toast. So when I happened to catch a video online outlining how to turn a pint of heavy cream into fresh butter (plus a cup of leftover buttermilk, should you want to, say, crack out a nice soda bread to go with it) I couldn’t stop myself. Oh, did I just cross a line into DIY craziness there? I didn’t feel a thing.

There are many posts out there in blogland already covering this simple transformation, and quite a few of them advocate simply pouring a bit of cream into a jar and conscripting one’s children to shake said container until butter results. I, having no such servants on hand, went straight to the stand mixer. As long as you coverĀ  the open area between the bowl the mixing arm with plastic, this seems to me to be the way to go. (I was warned that skipping this prophylactic step could result in the need to clean spaces in your kitchen that you did not previously know existed, so fair warning.)

With only a switch to turn on and off, the production was painless and entertaining to watch (if you’re onto that kind of thing). A good rinse of the resulting butter in ice water and a massaging in of a pinch of salt resulted in a delectable topping for my second try at the Tartine bread recipe.

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  1. Rebecca says:

    A natural progression.

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