Aromatic Cocktails, Take Two

A lame elbow may hinder many activities, but I can still handle a cocktail shaker. So it was off to a local wine shop to assist my cosmic twin Julianne with her autumn cocktail tasting.  The sampling introduced a trio of seasonal cocktails based on infused vodkas and essential oils used in crafting perfumes. It provided an opportunity to gauge pubic reaction to the variations we’d sampled and that Julianne has been perfecting over the past few weeks.

 Lineup included:

  • The Bindi, with pistachio-infused vodka, rosewater, clove oil and a touch of milk, finished with grating of nutmeg, a taste reminiscent of desserts from an Indian restaurant.
  • Kashmere, with fig-infused vodka, pear nectar, coriander oil and a splash of seltzer, has a soft and silky texture that lives up to its name.
  • Black Dog, a mysterious taste with pear-infused vodka, homemade creme de cacoa, a drop of labdanum (also known as rock rose, an amber note used in perfumes) and a splash of seltzer.
Each had its supporters among those surprised by the complex aromas and tastes arising from the mix of florals, spices, fruits and nuts. Several had an aha! moment as they realized the connection between smell and taste; you could see it in their expressions.  The Black Dog, with the rich chocolate flavor of home-made creme de cacao and elusive note of labdanum (no, not laudanum), seemed to attract the most attention from tasters who invariably asked, “What is that?”

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