Not Too Fancy, Always Delicious

Once upon a time, my office mates and I mused about how wonderful it would be to have someone come around in the afternoon to bring us treats—cookies and brownies, just like in grade school. Then, voila! One day a couple of years ago, the Treats Truck started turning up around town, among the first of the new-wave food trucks trend. Our prayers were answered. And we couldn’t have asked for a more perfect, friendly Treats Lady than owner Kim Ima, who dispenses comforting goodies from her truck Sugar, (which responsibly runs on compressed natural gas). Her motto: Not Too Fancy, Always Delicious.

“Treats are Good,” says Sugar (photo/

So was very happy to see Kim get some love in a new national ad campaign for Blackberry, talking about how she sends mobile alerts to fans. (Good placement in the baseball playoffs, where it aired over and over.) And even happier to have the opportunity to introduce her to brother Larry, in town for a visit, when we spotted Sugar near the Grand Army Plaza greenmarket.  She charmed him with samples, but even more with her customary question in response to a brownie order: “Would you like a corner, an edge or a middle?”

Just like mom would have done. . . if she’d made cinnamon-stoked Mexican Chocolate brownies. Good thing I’d just bought some milk at the market.


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