Eggplant Endgame

So, I don’t stalk the Smitten Kitchen exactly (ahem), but the growing season being the growing season, I also happened to have three small eggplants that needed to be put to a good use tonight (okay, probably two nights ago–it’s been a long week!). So at the end of the workday, into the oven they and the tomatoes and garlics and onions went. Roast, roast, simmer, simmer, blend, season, and BAM!–there was soup.

I swapped Penzeys sweet (2 tsp) and hot (1 tsp) curry powder for the thyme, and tahini and lemon for the cream. It ain’t the prettiest dish I’ve ever made, but it is dee-lish. Promise.


2 thoughts on “Eggplant Endgame

  1. It’s so funny, but I remember trying that old Bon Appetit recipe she refers to. It sticks in my memory because I thought it sounded like an interesting way to use eggplant. But it turned out pretty awful, the only time I can remember tossing a pot of soup before it was even served. It could be that I had some particularly bitter eggplants, or that I just didn’t have the culinary experience to tinker with it, and that it was pretty unappetizing looking to boot. (You’re right, eggplants don’t make for a particularly pretty soup). Glad you found a way to redeem it.

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