When Libras Decide: Birthday Edition

I am a Libra to the core, a woman who can spend 10 minutes in a supermarket aisle just trying to decide on the best bathroom cleaner to buy.

However, with so many birthdays coming up, we have decided(!) to have a Libra birthday potluck this weekend (an event three years in the making). Everyone has to pick a dish to bring! There may also be fun party games, like choosing the best whiskey or deciding which movie to watch. The Virgos will referee.

In a fit of bravery, I volunteered to bake the celebratory cake since I had so recently been schooled by Rebecca in the basic techniques of the process. I have to say, if I can get from flour sifting to cake stand without crying, this recipe is a no-stress keeper for pretty much anyone interested in having a non-box party cake in their repertoire.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. ts says:

    Yes..Libras rock. That is unless you are also a middle child. Then watch out. Libras do have some issues. Great looking cake. Make sure you sample the Basil Hayden. Happy b’day and let’s get the pic for sure, my fireplace or your dining room.

  2. Alex says:

    Best. Birthday Cake. Ever! My Libran sweet tooth is VERY happy right now. Oink!

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