Meals on Wheels

OK, so we’ll never be LA, but the food truck scene is finally maturing in DC. Once the urban landscape only offered mobile ice cream and Mexican comfort food. Now,  we capitolianos can satisfy cravings for gravy-slathered French fries, Korean tacos, Indian curries, desserts (again, with the ubiquitous cupcakes) and salads. We even have a lobster-roll truck which, judging by the line that went down the street in front of my building last week,  produces both a great sandwich and some sort of soporific that stupifies antsy DC-ites into standing patiently in line, in the sun, for more than three minutes. (Think the weird calm of folks queued up at the Soup Nazi.)

A big debate is brewing here regarding regulation of the trucks, with spoilsports trying to rein in their expansion. But that isn’t stopping the city from promoting them. Look for me next week at the Curbside Cook-Off, where 20 trucks will be conveniently parked for my dining pleasure. Info is here:

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  1. Rebecca says:

    Of course, the population of DC is stupefied by the Red Hook Lobster Truck–because it comes direct to you from Red Hook, Brooklyn! This guy is supposed to have fabulous lobsters rolls. He flies lobster in and sells out almost immediately.

    Who are you rooting for?

    But I have to wonder if the whole food truck things has exploded so quickly that it’s about to wear itself out already.

  2. Kate says:

    I am rooting for more food trucks!!! Or at least more variety on the street. Folks here want me to open a pie truck.

    1. Rebecca says:

      A little pie truck? Little pies that is, not little truck. Or maybe both?

      I’ve been telling Molly for a couple of years that Baltimore would be a good market for one as well. She then usually points to “The Wire.”

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