Cake Man Competes


Red Hook Red Devil Cake, Valhorna cocoa, cinnamon buttercream and Red Hots (photo/

Very happy to see the pastry chef from my favorite local dessert shop, Baked, as one of the competitors on the new Top Chef Just Desserts. Friends have gotten tired of me bragging on this little bakery in Red Hook, Brooklyn ever since they opened a few years ago. Until, that is, they taste of one of Baked’s brownies or a slice of Red Hook Red Devil Cake (a red velvet with a cinnamon buttercream).

I’m not sure how long Baked’s Eric Wolitzky will last on Just Desserts against the other, more showy pastry chefs, as even in the first episode there seemed to be a bias against someone who is “just a baker.” But I’ll take this baker’s recipes anytime. Baked’s cakes have a lovely, light texture and homey, yet sophisticated style and the owners have liberally shared recipes over the years. Try the Sweet and Salty Cake, a chocolate layer with whipped caramel ganache (even Martha Stewart loves it) or the Malt Ball Cake.

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  1. Lisa Killion says:

    I am on my way to your apartment so you can take me to this place and get the Malt Ball Cake!

  2. Julianne says:

    The salt caramel cake from Baked is one of my favorite cakes in the whole world. The first time I had it I thought my eyes were going to roll back in my head. A friend found the recipe and made it for my 50th birthday party.

  3. Rebecca says:

    I’ve made it, too, and admittedly it took awhile but turned out great. It was a double whammy: my first experience making caramel, which wasn’t as scary as I’d thought; and there was caramel left over that I used to make sandwich cookies with some sugar-cookie dough I had in the freezer. Rolled them in brown sugar for a finishing touch.

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