Plannedovers, anyone?

Dinner was so unexpectedly good I wanted to share, but now that I’m typing I realize a significant issue with this: no sane person would go through the individual processes that I think are what makes this dish rock–the mix of pre-marinated leftovers, i.e. green beans and walnuts in basil dressing, crowder peas in whatever I made those in, tossed with red quinoa and topped with broiled tofu, and left over parsley/scallions. A little white wine vinegar and tomatillo salsa (for him) and cilantro chutney (for me) pulled it all together. Awesomeness without the dishes in 30 minutes or less.

In makes me wonder: has anyone ever written a cookbook where you use yesterday’s dinner in tonight’s masterpiece?


2 thoughts on “Plannedovers, anyone?

  1. You’ve certainly gotten a lot of mileage out of those items we picked up in last weekend’s market trip. Now you’re playing my game of refrigerator roulette! It’s soul satisfying to know that you’re not wasting a scrap of food (or the money spent). So what’s the ultimate verdict on crowder peas vs. black-eyed peas or others?

  2. I think the crowder peas have been the best of the lot so far, though that may be the cook and not the beans’ fault. So far this summer we’ve had fresh lima beans, fresh black beans, fresh black eyed peas, and today was fresh butter beans. Also very tasty. Next week maybe the speckled butter beans if they have them again. They looked lovely.

    Every week, though, I also wistfully long for pea season again (same vendor). That weekly pound of peas while they are in season tops my list completely. I think this is my favorite stall at the market, after my CSA One Straw Farm.

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