Red and Purple and Green and Gold

Local tomatoes have hit the markets big time, so having fun trying out a couple new varieties every week. Favorites this year are the beefsteak-like Cherokee Purple and little, round, striped Green Zebras. A taste of the latter from a D.C. farmer’s market last week brought up the idea of how different even the same variety can taste, depending on where it’s grown. The D.C. zebras were much beefier and acidic than the ones that turn up at my N.Y. farmer’s markets. That’s a good thing for us Midwestern girls, who grew up with acidic backyard tomatoes, eating them straight off the vine with a salt shaker in one hand and the juices dripping down our chins.  Guess the question is, how are the Green Zebras in Baltimore? Or elsewhere?

Update: New York magazine puts Cherokee Purple, with its “silky flesh” and “long, aromatic finish” and Green Zebras and their “zingy acidity” at the top of its heirloom tomato rankings this week.


2 thoughts on “Red and Purple and Green and Gold

  1. A gazpacho with Green Zebras would indeed be a nice twist. With some cucumber and green peppers, it would be a lovely green gazpacho, maybe adding in some of the sweet yellow banana-shaped tomatoes I got today. Alas, heirloom varieties are rare dear in price, and the number needed to make a batch of soup would be a budget breaker. Experiment for another time.

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