Meet Mr. Fizzy..err, Mr. Bubbles?

I’m not sure what to name my new contraption yet, but I love it! After these many months of high-volume household seltzer consumption (and the related carting home and recycling of the many plastic bottles), I have managed to assemble a somewhat mad scientist contraption that will carbonate drinks with a switch and a shake. I read all about it on the internet, of course. Our  yellow bin is manageable once again.


4 thoughts on “Meet Mr. Fizzy..err, Mr. Bubbles?

    1. Drinking some homemade seltzer as I type. It took a couple timid tries before I was confident that the bottles would not explode (I’ve read that they can hold a pressure much higher that the 30 psi I am using now, but still I was hesitant). Now, however, I am carbonating with abandon. Since we don’t care for sweet stuff, I’ll probably try some ginger drinks, maybe some citrus, but right now I’m just happy it makes fizzy water: blandly, our favorite drink.

      I thought about those smaller contraptions initially, but most of them were as expensive or more to get going and then you have to buy (and dispose of) the chargers. I don’t understand why they don’t just sell contraptions like I made, but, you know, nicer looking than what comes out of a welding shop.

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